Author: Rebecca Benson

What is the Enneagram? The Enneagram is a 9-pointed figure, which represents 9 different personality types. As a counselor I like to use this with clients to help them understand themselves and others better. When we understand ourselves and others better it’s often easier within our relationships. Understanding each other is super important! From what I’ve learned, it’s best to read about the different 9 types and/or listen to podcasts to figure out which type you are. One can take a quiz to find out, but the results aren’t always accurate. My favorite podcasts are: Typology with Ian Morgan Cron (who’s a counselor), The Enneagram Journey with Suzanne Stabile, and the one they have for the book they wrote together called The Road Back to You. What’s cool is that one can get into the Enneagram as much or as little as s/he wants to. My favorite resource to have on hand to use with clients is an Overview of the 9 Types from YourEnneagramCoach.com. On this website one can take the free assessment to find out your type if you really want to take a quiz. After taking this quiz, then you’ll get the Overview of the 9 Types emailed to you. The 9 Types from this Overview are: Type 1 – The Moral Perfectionist, Type 2 – The Supportive Advisor, Type 3 – The Successful Achiever, Type 4 – The Romantic Individualist, Type 5 – The Investigative Thinker, Type 6 – The Loyal Guardian, Type 7 – The Entertaining Optimist, Type 8 – The Protective Challenger, and Type 9 – The Peaceful Mediator. Here’s to more self and others awareness!

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