Krista Olson

Krista Olson is a psychotherapist in the process of becoming Licensed in the state of Minnesota as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Communications from Jamestown College in North Dakota. She attended Denver Seminary and graduated with her Master's in Community Counseling Licensure in May of 2011.

Krista is a member of the National Board of Certified Counselors. She has had training in play therapy, TF-CBT (Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and addictions. Her passion is working with clients who have been through trauma. She has experience with adults children and adolescents. She came from working in Community Mental Health in Littleton, Colorado.

Krista generally adheres to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as she believes the battle truly begins in the mind ("be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" Romans 12:2) but integrates Motivational Interviewing, play therapy and DBT depending on each clients need or what will help each of her clients reach their goals. She believes in healing for the whole person which includes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Because of her walk with God, she knows the importance of a healthy spiritual life and the role this can play in all areas of a client's life. 
Krista has seen a variety of clients including trauma, foster care, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol dependence, ADHD, adolescent struggles (including self-harm), and more. She enjoys walking through life together with clients, being a support, encouragement and a sounding board to those she interacts with.

When Krista is not at the office she enjoys spending time with God, reading, enjoying the outdoors with her husband, talking with friends, and listening to music.

Krista holds day and evening hours of the convenience of all her clients. Call 763-633-5111 to make an appointment today.  
Krista sees clients ages 5 years old and up
in Elk River at these times:

Wednesday  4 pm - 6 pm (tele-health only)
Thursday 4 pm - 6 pm

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